Turn your website blog into a free mobile app!

What is your blog's RSS url?

  • Works with Wordpress, Feedburner, and more.
  • Download your free android app afterwards.
  • Usually takes less than 3 minutes.

How it Works

You can create your own free mobile blog app for the android marketplace using your blog's RSS content. It's simple and automatic.

Let your readers stay up-to-date with your blog news from their android phones or tablets. Share with your readers and keep them in touch with this free android blog app maker.

First enter your RSS, then customize your app on the next page, afterwards you can download and share your free droid application on Twitter, Facebook or your website. Best of all it's free and works with popular blog software like Blogger, Wordpress, Blogspot, Feedburner and more.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Enter your blog's RSS url in the form above. If you don't know it, type in your blog's url and our app maker will try to locate it.

Step 2:
Customize your blog app and add your Twitter and Facebook fanpage if you would like your app to include your latest tweets.

Step 3:
Your android app will be created and you can download and share it with your blog, twitter followers, or friends on Facebook.

Where is my RSS?

The RSS url is a file on your blog that contains your latest blogposts. It's used for subscribers with services like Google Reader, Feedburner and more.

Don't know how to find your blog's RSS location? Check our Blog Providers List for how to find your RSS file with major blog sites like Blogger, Wordpress, Feedburner, and Blogspot.

Don't Give Up!
If all else fails, enter your blog's URL and our builder will try to find your RSS file. Also consider contacting your blog provider's support staff.

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